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The Climate and Health Alliance is a national charity that is an alliance of organisations and people in the health sector working together to raise awareness about the health risks of climate change and the health benefits of emissions reductions.


The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports have been released, issuing the world one of its most stark warnings yet. But the reports also indicate cutting emissions has unparalleled opportunities for improving health and the health co-benefits from reducing emissions would be extremely cost-beneficial – one thousand times greater than the economic co-benefits to agricultural yields, for example.

Could action on climate change be our greatest opportunity for improving public health? For more info, check out www.climateandhealthalliance.org/ipcc

Health and wellbeing the winners in the emerging low carbon world 

The latest IPCC report points to the significant gains possible for improving health and wellbeing in the emerging low carbon world, the Climate and Health Alliance said on the release of the IPCC Working group III Report on Mitigation.

“This new report complements what the health and medical literature already suggests: when we account for the harm to health from the current carbon intensive economy, the transformation to a low-carbon society will deliver economic benefits that will outstrip the costs of transition,” said CAHA Convenor Fiona Armstrong.

“We can move to cleaner, healthier energy and transport systems, and create healthier living and working environments by moving away from fossil fuels – all of which will deliver immediate financial savings through the benefits to health, while the climate benefits will accumulate in the longer term.”

Health professionals call for climate action after UN climate change report

The Climate and Health Alliance and its global counterpart, the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA), have issued a joint press release announcing the release of a GCHA Briefing Paper for health professionals on the recent IPCC Working Group II report, along with a video, info graphics, a social media ‘thunderclap’ and a set of online resources. The global health groups, along with CAHA, call for Australian climate policy to be designed so as to maximise health benefits, and to ensure that the world achieves the sustained and rapid emissions reductions needed to avert dangerous climate change, which would be catastrophic for Australians’ health.

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We’re not yet ready for climate change but it’s here now, and harming our health

The risks of failing to act on climate change have been vastly underestimated by the world’s governments and the community, the Climate and Health Alliance said in response to the release of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (IPCC) report.

“Climate change is affecting people in every nation, on every continent, and it’s having an overwhelmingly negative impact on health,” Dr Liz Hanna, climate and health researcher and President of the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) said.

The report reveals the health sector is one of the sectors most vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change.

We must do all we can to cut emissions and urge others to do so if we are to avoid putting health at greater risk,” Dr Hanna said. “Cutting emissions will bring many immediate benefits for public health, as well as help limit climate change in the longer term. We can afford to do it but we cannot afford to wait.”

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Now screening: The Human Cost of Power

A new short film,’The Human Cost of Power’,  has just been released by the Climate and Health Alliance and Public Health Association of Australia.

The film explores the health impacts associated with the massive expansion of coal and unconventional gas in Australia.

Click here to see the film on YouTube.  For a copy of the film for a screening in your community or workplace, contact CAHA Convenor Fiona Armstrong convenor@caha.org.au.



Health Implications of Energy Policy

A Briefing Paper on the Health Implications of Energy Policy is now available.

Our Uncashed Dividend: The Health Benefits of Climate Action

The Climate and Health Alliance and The Climate Institute  joint report: Our Uncashed Dividend“ outlines the evidence on the health benefits of climate action.

Greening the Healthcare Sector 2013 Think Tank Report 

This report summarises the latest national Think Tank on sustainability in healthcare,  jointly hosted by Climate and Health Alliance and Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association.


New Tool for Sustainable Healthcare

Are you part of the Global Green and Health Hospitals Network?

This new tool is available FREE for hospitals and healthcare settings globally.

GGHH has been developed by the Climate and Health Alliance’s  international partner, Health Care Without Harm. 

This network is built around a framework known as the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Agenda, a new tool for health care settings around the world to reduce the environmental footprint of the health sector to improve public environmental health and save money.

For more information, see www.greenhospitals.net or contact CAHA at info@caha.org.au